August 30- The Government Center w/ Remnose, Pgh, PA

September 21- Full Pint Brewery, Pgh, PA



July 13th- The Government Center (Deutschtown Music Festival) Pgh, PA

April 13th- Spirit w/ Indie RockFest, Pgh, PA

March 23rd- Brillobox w/ The Real Sea & Catscams, Pgh, PA


Sept 22nd- Rex Theater, Pgh, PA

Sept 1st- Queen City Radio, Cincinnati, OH

August 17th- Album Release at Hambones w/ Standard Broadcast. Pgh, PA

May 12th - Double L (Millville Music Festival)


November 11th- Jergel’s Rhythm House, Pgh, PA

January 19th    Black Forge Coffee w/ Bad Custer & Absolution Key, Pgh, PA


November 19th     Leftfield w/ Party Dark and Karen Abreu, New York City

November 18th     Silvana w/ Lord Nelson and Kina Zore, New York City

October 21st           Club Cafe w/ Standard Broadcast, Pgh, PA

September 23rd     Pat's in the Flats w/ Vanishing Apollo & Northcoast Shakedown, Cleveland, OH

September 9th       Bayardstown Social Club w/ Arlo Aldo, Pgh, PA

August 20th             Little Italy Days PBR  Patio on Liberty Ave w/ Blue Clutch, Pgh, PA

August 13th              Thunderbird Cafe, RANT Festival, Pittsburgh, PA

July 29th                    Mc Garvey's Pub w/ Condition Oakland& Float, Altoona, PA

July 28th                    Howler's, Pgh, PA

July 23rd                Buzzbin w/ Yellow Paper Planes and SHVS, Canton OH

July 9th                      Max's Allegheny Tavern Rathskeller, Deutschtown MusicFest, Pgh, PA

June 11th                    Bloomfield Farmer's Market, Pgh, PA

June 4th                     Spirit Lodge, Layercake Festival Misra Records Stage, Pgh, PA

April 30th                   Hambone's w/ Blue Clutch & Cranberry Sanders, Pgh, PA

April 16th                    Excuse's w/ Toby Electric, Pgh, PA

March 24th                 Lava Lounge w/ Sic Vita, Croatoan, Pgh, PA

February 20th            Zenith,  Southside Soup Contest, Pgh, PA

February 13th              Annabelle's, Akron, Oh

January 16th               Framezilla,  Strip District Music Festival, Pgh, PA

January 7th                 Brillobox w/ Caterwalraus and Different Places in Space, Pgh PA


November 22nd          Howlers Benefit for Paris w/ Different Places in Space

September 18th           Bayardstown Social Club w/ The Red Western

August 26th                  Arsenal Lanes

August 15th                   R.A.N.T Festival Lawrenceville

April 4th                         Howlers w/ Coronado and Jason Mccann

February 5th           Lava Lounge w/ Ferdinand the Bull

January 17th            The Beerhive/ Strip District Musicfest


December 5th       Dead Horse Cantina w/ Brothers Craig

October 4th           BBT w/ Impossible Colors and Sticky

September 12th         Smiling Moose w/ The Bots and Depth of Winter  

September 6th     Gooski's w/ Lightfoils and Pet Clinic

August 23rd           Peter's Pub

August 16                Club Cafe w/ Golden Youth, U.S. Royalty

July 25th               Sonny's Tavern w/ Flock of Walri, The Missing Pets

July 18th                 Hambone's w/ Substitute for Quality, The Filthy Lowdown

June 21st                 Bloomfield Bridge Tavern w/ The Mast Year, Napoleon in Exile

June 20th               Smiling Moose w/ Paint 31, Napoleon in Exile

June 10th                Brillobox w/ The Features

May 16th                  Fawn Tavern w/ Under Indictment, Evilive

April 18th                Bloomfield Bridge Tavern w/ Napoleon in Exile, Dispersion Theory

April 12th                Smiling Moose w/ Red Room Effect

March 28th             Smiling Moose w/ Under Indictment, Napoleon in Exile

March 14                  Altar Bar w/ Antz Marching, Ferdinand the Bull, The Daily Grind

March 07                Smiling Moose w/ 8 Cylinder, Crush Distance