Native Alloys is a three-piece rock power trio from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania made up of Bryan Lepri (vocals and guitar), Joe Pisciotta (bass), and Nick Kowalski (percussion). The band is a traditional rock outfit with their own interpretation of what rock ‘n’ roll should be. Native Alloys have released two albums: “Naked Light” 2016 and “Hallelujah, Baby!” 2018. Native Alloy’s aim to be big and loud in their live performances as well as in their albums. The band was pieced together in summer 2014, they have played venues and festivals throughout the Midwest and East Coast and in their hometown. Each member is considered an equal part in the band; in the song writing process, in the live show, in the record sessions, in the enterprise as a whole, it’s a singular creative collaboration. Their feature single from “Hallelujah, Baby!” is a blazing track called ‘No One Cares.’ It’s a blunt, punchy, rocker that captured the essence of the project. 

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